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The beer from a Czech village brewery loved around the world


Get to know our Czech lager better

Kozel is the world’s favourite Czech beer! Along with our two signature lagers, Kozel Premium and Kozel Dark, our Brewmaster loves to create fun new beers that he knows you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

Discover our beers
Velkopopovický Kozel

Kozel Premium Lager

Kozel Premium is the most popular Czech beer in the world! Kozel Premium is made with three selected malts and the aromatic Czech hop Premiant for a well-balanced taste, welcome bitterness and full body. 4.6 % ABV

Velkopopovický Kozel

Kozel Dark

Kozel Dark might look heavy and rich, but don’t be fooled! This deliciously light dark lager will surprise you with it’s smoothnes, unique color and caramel taste created by four different malts. 3.8 % ABV

Velkopopovický Kozel

Kozel 0,0%

Intense in colour. Intense in taste.

Kozel 0,0% is a refreshing, non-alcoholic 100% malt beer. Distinctively semi-dark and a bright ruby colour, it’s crafted with sweet caramel notes for a perfectly balanced taste with a gentle bitterness. It’s got the great taste of real beer, but with zero alcohol - goatally awesome!

Velkopopovický Kozel

Kozel Semi-Dark

Four malts, carefully selected according to Brewmaster’s unique recipe, give this beera ruby red colour, light hoppy flavour and slightly sweet caramel taste. It’s a beer that’s half bitter, half sweet. 4.7 % ABV

Fun fact

Kozel means
GOAT in Czech

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Beer can be poured in style

We have lots of inventive ways to enjoy our delicious beers, and want to inspire you, and our friends around the world.

Discover fun pours

fun pour
Perfect Pour

Perfect Pour

Our perfect pour is a traditional Czech “Hladinka” style pour. It’s a full glass of our beer with three fingers of creamy foam on top to seal in the freshness and flavour.

fun pour
Cinnamon Art

Cinnamon Art

For the perfect balance of sugar and spice, pour a glass of Kozel Dark and then sprinkle cinnamon over a stencil of our iconic goat Olda onto the dark foam.

Want to make your own art?

Download template Discover more

fun pour
Honey Crust

Honey Crust

For a more intense sweet and spicy taste, coat the rim of a glass in a mix of honey and water, and dip it in cinnamon. Then fill it up with Kozel Dark!

fun pour
Kozel Cut

Kozel Cut

Half Kozel Premium Lager and half Kozel Dark! Fill a glass with Kozel Premium first before topping it up with Kozel Dark – the dark lager even floats on top!

fun pour
Kozel Mix

Kozel Mix

A perfect blend of Kozel Premium Lager and Kozel Dark. Pour both beers into the glass for a fuller, sweeter pour that’s ruby red in colour!

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Fun fact

Our family of
beers has won
over 100 awards!

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Find Kozel near you

Kozel is no longer a Czech secret! We’ll be happy to help you find the nearest pub with fresh draft beer, so you can enjoy an incredible experience wherever you are. Be ready for a warm welcome and a cold Czech beer!

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Visit our brewery

We could tell you a lot about our brewery, but it’s better to see it with your own eyes!

Discover the brewery

Born and raised
in Velké Popovice

Our beer was brewed in 1874 by the Ringhoffer family in Velké Popovice, Czech village near Prague. Come and explore our village brewery, taste fresh Kozel from our cellars and meet our living mascot Olda the goat.

Brewery tour

Take a guided tour of our brewery and learnabout our remarkable history. Visit our active Brewhouse, and the production house where bottles and kegs are filled.

Kozel´s tap school

After the brewery tour, try your hand at traditional Czech tapping. Learn to pour Kozel the traditional Czech way with a dense foam head to seal in freshness and flavour.

Kozel Express

Travel by Kozel Express through the beautiful Czech countryside to our village brewery. Train departs from Prague every Saturday at 10:20 am and takes you straight to Velké Popovice.

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Fun fact

Every goat at
our brewery since
the 70s has been
called Olda!

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Serving hoppiness since 1874

1874 through today, our history is full of fun facts and interesting stories – like how we got our first brewery mascot.

Discover our history

Our first batch

The first batch of Kozel is a dark beer brewed in a 60 hectolitre cauldronon December 15th in our village brewery in Velké Popovice.


The legend of the lost
French painter

A lost French painter gifts Velké Popovicewith a painted billy goat as a thank you for giving him food and shelter.


Our first brewery mascot

Our first dedicated brewery goat grazes in the brewery park.


The Olda naming tradition

All our goats have been called Olda since the seventies, in honour of Oldrich Lenc who worked at the brewery and cared for the goat. Our current brewery goat is Olda XV!


Horned Kozel mug

Czech artist Jan Čapek designed a brand new mug with specially shaped handle – every true Kozel beer fan can easily recognize who was his model.


Vojtěch Homolka becomes
our Brewmaster

He is responsible for protecting the balance of sweetness and bitterness that makes Kozel so loved.


Our first fun pour

South Korea invents a fun new way to enjoy our dark beer – with cinnamon on top! This inspired our Cinnamon Art fun pour!

Fun fact

Some villages have a square in the centre. In Velké Popovice, we have a brewery!

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