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Some people born in this year does not have to be 18 yet. Please fill in day and month of your birth.

Get the best of both our worlds.
Try Kozel Mix at home

We all have these days when we fill indecisive. Kozel Pale or Kozel Dark?
They both taste great, right? So why to drink them separately? Try something new today,
mix them together and enjoy a fuller, sweeter pour and the ruby red colour!

You are one step closer to
a whole new beer experience

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Kozel Mix represents not only the best of both Kozel’s worlds, but it can also adjust to every mood.
Add more Kozel Dark to refresh your soul or add more Kozel Pale to enlighten the rest of your day.
It’s all up to you!

Mix & Share

Our brew master came up with the idea of mixing Kozel Pale and Kozel Dark.
Now he is curious how much people like it. So, show him some love and share your
Kozel Mixes on social media. Don’t forget to add #KozelMix #KozelFunPours

Kozel Glass

Kozel Pale

Pale only

Kozel Glass

Adventure Mix

More pale, less dark

Kozel Glass

Perfect Mix

Equal dark and pale

Kozel Glass

Optimistic Mix

More dark, less pale

Kozel Glass

Kozel Dark

Pure Dark

And there are many more! Mix Kozel Pale & Dark as you like it.

Kozel Glass Kozel Glass Kozel Glass Kozel Glass Kozel Glass

Welcome to The Olda‘s Kozel Mix generator 9000

Don’t know which Kozel Mix to pour? Leave it to our brewery goat Olda. He knows the best.

Olda, show me


Question 1

In what proportion can MIX 2 variants?

Answer 1

There is no limit of the mix but the recommended ratio is 50:50.

Question 2

What do I get by mixing in different proportions? What different flavors?

Answer 2

If you add more Kozel Dark, the flavour will turn into sweet tones, more caramel taste and on the other hand, if you pour more Kozel Premium Lager, the mix beer will taste more bitter and malty with a stronger hoppy aroma

Question 3

Should I pour Cerny or Lezak first ?

Answer 3

If you want to mix both beers, it doesn´t matter. The nicer visual effect is if you pour Lager first followed by Dark. Or you can pour them simultaneously – wath out the quality of foam then!

Question 4

How much alcohol does the mix have? It depends what ratio of beers you will decide to use.

Answer 4

If you pour more Dark, the alcohol content will be close to 4,0%vol.; if more Lager, the alcohol content will be close to 4,5%vol.

Question 5

Can I do this with beer from cans?

Answer 5

Of course, no matter if you have can or bottle. The challenge will be to have an acceptable quality of foam.

Question 6

Will MIX prepared at home taste the same as the one served in a restaurant?

Answer 6

There will most likely be a difference in the foam quality as the MIX served through a proper tap will have a creamier and denser foam if correctly poured. And the foam can cause a slight taste difference. Otherwise the liquid taste will be identical for both way of serving.

Question 7

Is it possible to mix in a mug other than Kozel mug?

Answer 7

It´s not recommended but yes. Important is to have a well cleaned, wet and cold mug. Also the shape of the mug is important, should be closing to the top in order to better keep the foam.

Question 8

Can you mix all the beers?

Answer 8

You can mix whatever beers together but not every mix will taste well. Some types of beers have strong flavours or taste characters that don´t get harmonized with other beers.

Question 9

Will I achieve the Mix effect with all other beers?

Answer 9

If goes to the colour effect, you have to choose carefully which beers could fit together as some beers have e.g. red tones and the final colour of the mix can be weird. The same principle works for taste and aroma…not every beer is good to be mixed. There is a wide space for experiments!

Question 10

Can you mix Kozel with other beers? E. g. . light Lech and dark Kozel? Or others?

Answer 10

Theoretically you can, better is to mix within the same beer category (e.g. lagers to lagers). It might be intersting to mix sweeter and more bitter beers, or less intensive beers with strong character beers, light in colour beers with full-coloured beers, etc.

Question 11

How will the Mix taste?

Answer 11

The biggest benefit of the MIX Kozel is the balance of the pleasant bitternes of Lager and caramel sweetness of the Dark. The MIX won´t be neither too sweet nor to o harsh or tart, just smooth to drink. The caramel taste supports the bitterness when you swallow the beer and will make you thirsty for another one.

Question 12

Won't the dark beer dominate the taste and the Mix will be a heavy beer?

Answer 12

It depends of the ratio of both beers. By using 50:50 ration, the DARK won´t dominate the overal taste. On top of that DARK is not heavy in taste as it´s still a lager with a high drinkability.

Question 13

Where did the idea of mixing beers come from? ( Czech beer culture)

Answer 13

There is most likely no exact date when someone mixed pale and dark beer. Also in the past both pale and dark were not always available at the same time, so consumers simply didn´t have chance to mix them. Before it has started to be popular as nowadays, consumers spontaneously wanted something different from a standard pale lager and the mix with dark was a natural choice how to differentiate from others. The strong help to the massive start of mixed beer has been the well anchored Czech beer culture here in CZ as people here know beers well.

Question 14

If I ask the brewmaster to mix me Kozel beers, will he agree to it and be able to make me a Mix?

Odpoviedzi 14

One of the leaders of the beer mixing idea have been brewmasters.

Question 15

Will mixing alcohol not cause side effects e. g. the other day?

Answer 15

There is no difference in the alcohol impact on your body when yoi drink mix or standard beer; depends on the volume of beer and your current body condition.

Question 16

Does the quality of the beer remain the same/high after mixing?

Answer 16

If you follow the recommended way of pouring and the mixed beer is covered by foam, there is very low risk of a taste deterioration in the glass.

Question 17

If I buy two bottles, can I make two MIXes from them?

Answer 17

Sure, you can. Volume-wise you have 1liter of liquid that means 2 x 0,5l glasses of MIX.

Question 18

What should I do with the leftover beer I have left after mixing?

Answer 18

Either drink it separately or keep it for a short time for another MIX. Don´t store it for a longer time otherwise the tatse will change dramatically.

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